1. In engineering, ownership and integrity are regarded with utmost importance, particularly in fields where public safety is at stake e.g. aerospace.

2. Engineers in training are always taught to own their works and be honest with how calculations are done. There should be no shame in asking one’s superior if they have doubts or questions pertaining to the task at hand. There is no shame in admitting mistakes, apologising for said mistakes and carry on in fixing them.

3. In reality, engineers especially the greens are always tasked to continue works done by previous engineers. In most cases, previous mistakes will surface, and the engineers are expected to find them, report them and fix them, as they are now engineers in charge. No blame games are to be expected. Previous engineers who made the mistake are expected to man up and own the mistake and guide the new engineer to fix the problem. The common goal is clear; to get the job done.

4. Engineers also work in teams. It takes a team to deliver a project. However, this doesn’t mean one should hide behind the team when something goes wrong. Each member is accountable for his own work, which in the end contributes to the work of the team.

5. In a team, the integrity of the engineering lead also lies in his ability to identify the weakest link and mitigate the risk. If an engineer repeatedly makes the same mistake that would jeopardise the project, the lead should have the integrity and courage to replace the engineer.

6. Now let’s apply all of the very common, logical practices of engineering above to our country’s politics.

7. Politics, just like engineering, should have utmost regard towards ownership and integrity. After all, EVERYONE’S interest is at stake.

8. There is no denying that PH ministers are grossly inexperienced running a country, which is resulting in arrays of baffling policies and statements. The question is, how many of them actually take ownership of their mistakes, admit them, apologise and fix them?

9. PH took over from BN who had ruled for 60 years. There will be, as now seen, a lot of damages to be fixed. The problem is, instead of laying out actionable plans on fixing the alleged problems, they seem to be more interested in pointing fingers to BN to gain, one can only assume, political mileage. Obviously, we wouldn’t expect BN to own the mistakes and help PH fix them, but instead of keeping their heads down and carry on with the repair works, PH is preoccupied with blaming BN for everything that is wrong in the country. Their goal has not shifted from pre GE14; ‘to bin BN’. Now that they’ve achieved the goal, the new one should be; ‘to fix Malaysia’.

10. PH as a team is also in disarray. Contradicting statements and publicly condemning their own team members show lack of coherence within their ranks. Worse, most of them like to meddle with works that are not theirs, like Kula with Rome Statute and LGE with vernacular schools. How would one own his work when things are so muddled?

11. The lead, which in this case Tun M, also lack integrity and authority as he fails to address the problems within his own cabinet. Ministers with high liabilities like Wartha, LGE, Kula, Teresa Kok, Mat Sabu and many more should be kicked out. They have caused so much damage to PH reputation it is a wonder why they still sit in the cabinet. The only plausible explanation is that he doesn’t want to rock the boat and lose the support of the other parties, which is why his integrity is now in question.

12. Looking at the current administration from an engineering project point of view, this project is doomed to fail. No integrity, ownership, accountability, common goal and authoritative lead; it spells disaster.

13. Now, obviously, in engineering projects, it is assumed that lack of integrity in some engineers are the result of lack in experience, training, competency or interest in the field or project. However, politics is more complicated than that. If it is not incompetence, it is definitely due to sinister agendas. These ‘mistakes’ are either made out of stupidity or intent to achieve different goals. Neither paints a good future for Malaysia.

Afif  Bin Badrulhisham
Pergerakan Pemuda Berjasa
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